A unique software, in cloud, for all types of OTMR

Up to 100% of automatically analyzed data

Lower reading and analysis costs


TrainEvents allows the collection, management, organization, archiving and processing of data flows, downloaded from locomotives traffic event recorders, normally referred to as "OTMR", as well as their display through a user-friendly interface.

TrainEvents is able to receive these flows in the form of files, by uploading them to the interface.


TrainEvents, for each file:

Converts data;

Resolves any inconsistencies of it;

Identifies the train to which the data refers, among the stored ones, and associates these data to the train;

Depending on the matching of the train, it associates additional information to the data, such as the position.

Data flux


Trains with its alert arising from the OTMRs are displayed on an interactive geographic map based on their real path.

It's possible:

to identify the train of interest;

to verify globally which and how many cases occurred;

have a report / extraction of train data and different cases, accompanied by all the information of interest (spatial and temporal location, characteristic train data, duration of events ...);

directly analyze the portion of time relative to the single event on Graph.

All this can be viewed on realistic and well-defined backgrounds, to be chosen between the Railway Map and the Satellite Map.

Railway map Satellite map


This selectable filter on the map allows you to view the weather situation recorded in each station of the journey of a train at the time of its production. Certain events or particular delays often occur precisely because of adverse weather conditions. This functionality has proved to be a valuable support in addition to the commonly used tools.



Description graph

It's possible:

move along the axis to view previous or subsequent data;

increase or decrease the zoom;

to decide which data to display, in what order and in what color;

to display the value of the various parameters on the screen;

to export the graph and the related data of interest.



By using "Anagraphics" it is possible to modify:

the Locomotives

the Engine Drivers

the graph preferences

the uploaded files



TrainEvents is the right tool to process a report of the stored and processed data.

Data can be extracted:

By period

By train

By Engine Driver

By Locomotive

By Alert type

With or without details

Divided by types

TrainEvents allows you to customize e-mail notifications, deciding for which data and how often.

Furthermore, the clustering system allows for one or more alerts to identify the geographic frequency of an event, this feature helps the instructor to detect where the driver is most lacking.

Report Report GPS


In the Statistics section you can:

instantly view all the statistics regarding the trains and the analyzed data, on a table and on a graph;

change the display of statistics by creating multiple sets of customizations;

export the monthly, quarterly and annual statistics in pdf, xls and csv formats



This is the page for monitoring the progress of the most important reports and metrics in the software in real time. It is composed of 5 sections:

the locomotives

the information on the last loaded files

the elaborations of the last 24 hours

the trains

the active licenses for the use of TrainEvents

Dashboard Dashboard


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