Risk Assessment


A simple, effective and efficient tool for centralised management of the Risk Assessment process

Customisable risk matrix

Probability/Frequency calculation via Fault Tree Analysis

Impact calculation via Event Tree Analysis


The system allows:

The definition of the Risk Matrix;

The recording of all the basic data necessary for the definition and processing of Events to define the Risk;

The study of Events;

The definition of Safety Measures and further Actions to be implemented;

The Monitoring of Risks;

The automatic creation of reports of interest.

Risk Assessment approach

Master Data - Risk Matrix

Customisation of the risk matrix is done in the master data section by filling in

Frequency - Levels

Impact - Levels

Risk values, in descriptive and graphical format (colour)

Once this has been defined, each level of the matrix can be associated with the relative value. The user will thus see the risk matrix composed

Risk Matrix


The creation of basic events represents only a small part of the functionality of the Risk Assessment system.

Using the basic events it is possible to define a Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) of dangerous/accidental events.

An Event Tree Analysis (ETA) can also be defined for each dangerous/accidental event.

Thus enabling the user to accurately determine the probability (FTA) and impact(ETA) levels of an event



Several studies can be defined in the system, each of which is characterised by certain dangerous/accidental events.

In particular, the system calculates the risk of each event and of the entire study.

Based on the results, the user can therefore:

define and implement any safety measures and risk prevention and/or protection actions;

formalise evaluations

Risk Assessment


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