Registration, analysis, treatment, monitoring and traceability of all activities related to the monitoring of the indicators defined by the Railway Company in accordance with the regulations in force and its Management System.


The software to optimize and simplify, by automating it, the monitoring process, consistent with Regulation (EU) No. 1078/2012.

All data residing in other information systems can be considered for the identification and creation of "indicators", so that these can be periodically and automatically valuated.

By means of modern automatic data analysis technologies, the system provides a forecast trend of the indicators to allow a more accurate analysis of the data.

Finally, also thanks to the integration with Reports and Risk Assessment modules, the system allows you to easily manage and track the implemented actions and the setbacks for the Risk.

Data flow KPI


Depending on the time window, the system will show the list of data, divided by sampling frequency

On a single page, the user can view the data entered (even automatically), modify and / or correct them in a dynamic and intuitive way.

Data input


Using an intuitive user interface, it is possible to navigate between KPIs and, for each of them:

carry out the necessary and planned assessments;

view the actual trend of the indicator over time, with the related details;

view the expected trend of the indicator in the near future;

record, assign and monitor any necessary actions.

Indicators analysis


The system allows you to define the KPIs, created and calculated using the "Data", also declared and entered into the system, by entering the formulas for the calculation of the indicator.

Each data and each KPI contains all the information useful for its correct and complete definition and attribution.

Indicators - Master data


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